Welcome to Jiuding Ganrao Intermediary Services& Consultancies Co., Ltd!

Business overview

Jiuding was established on 2 July 2010 and is an intermediary agency engaged in the tendering and procurement service business in Jiangxi Province in the PRC.

Jiuding’s services are used by local and provincial governments in Jiangxi Province and a range of industries, including engineering, agriculture, forestry, energy, culture and art.  Jiuding has managed the tendering of 1,659 contracts in the financial year ending 30 June 2016 and 1,930 contracts in the financial year ending 30 June 2017. Jiuding is headquartered in Ganzhou City, which is the second largest city in Jiangxi Province and operates in Jiangxi province. Jiuding is committed to delivering high quality services in order to preserve its reputation and maintain its client base. Jiuding is actively investigating the benefits that digitisation, particularly blockchain technology, may bring to its business.

Jiuding operates in a highly regulated industry sector. Tendering is required to be conducted in accordance with PRC Government regulations. Jiuding’s tendering process is conducted in a high security setting.

Jiuding’s current business scope of services can be categorised into two main areas, as follows:

Service     Type



Applicable     Industries

General    Procurement
     Tendering Agency Service

Users of Jiuding’s general procurement tendering agency service include government agencies, public institutions, state–owned enterprises, social private enterprises and personal business entities.

Outsourcing by these entities of this service helps to regularise the procurement procedures and improve the efficient use of capital.


Industrial engineering, agriculture, forestry, construction & energy, culture & art

Government    Procurement Agency Service

The procurement of goods and services of the government procurement agency business is regulated by Government Procurement Law.  The government procurement advisory services business is part of Jiuding’s authorised business agency scope. It is mandatory for government organs, public institutions and groups that conduct procurement by using financial regulatory capital to call a tender.


Engineering, forestry, construction & energy

To conduct its principal activities, Jiuding holds Unified Social Credit Code 91360700556049889E, and Business Licence Certificate Number 070020022494 issued by the Ganzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce. The licence is valid for the period from 2 July 2010 to 1 July 2030.

Whilst Jiuding’s key business is the process of tendering and procurement services, its business licence permits Jiuding to also offer the following services:

Service     Type


Financial consulting

No activities have been conducted to    date.

Accounting agency service

Jiuding has performed some, but not    material activities.

Enterprise projects investment    consultation, Investment management, Entrusted asset management

No activities have been    conducted to date.

Enterprise management    consulting

No activities have been    conducted to date.

Business information consulting

No activities have been    conducted to date.

Engineering projects consulting    service, Engineering cost consultation

Jiuding has performed some, but not    material activities.

PPP consulting

Jiuding has performed some, but    not material activities.

Jiuding has 87 employees. Its head office is located in Ganzhou City with branch offices in the following locations: Shangyou; Quannan; Longnan; Xunwu; Anyuan; Ruijin; Xingguo; Nankang; Shicheng; Dayu and Xinyu.

The Company intends to appoint a Business Development Manager in Australia to engage with and promote its services to Australian businesses that are interested in working in China. The Company has appointed Bourse Communications to engage with the Australian market and implement a communications strategy to inform Australian businesses and investors of the opportunities available in China through the Group and its technology.

The Group has a dedicated and experienced management team and the founder, Zhou Bin is actively involved in the day to day management of Jiuding.