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Board(Nine Tripods)

Zhou Jianhua

Zhou Jianhua (appointed 5 December 2017) - Non-Executive Director

A degree in Chinese literature from Gannan Normal Technical Collegeand studied the correspondence courses in Party School of the CPC Central Committee,majoring in law.

Since 2016, Mr Zhou has been the Chief Editor at Jiangxi Yibin Culture and Media Co., Ltd. Prior to that he was the Professor, Dean of Literature and Journalism, Doctoral Supervisor at Gannan Normal University from 1998 to 2015, Associate Professor (1986 to 1997) and lecturer (1981 to 1985) at Gannan Normal College.

Mr Zhou is the Standing Vice President of the Wang Yangming Research Branch in the Chinese Society of Ming Dynasty History, a Member of China Religion Society, the Vice President of Jiangxi Wang Yangming Research Society, a Director of Chinese Ancient CivilizationResearch Institute in Gannan Normal University and a Director of Neo-Confucianism Research Institute.